Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Exploring writing with Dancing While Black's 2016-17 fellows

Rear, at window:
Paloma McGregor, founder of Dancing While Black
Left to right: Kesha Cox Mckee, Melanie Greene, Eva Yaa Asantewaa,
Jaimé Dzandu, Katrina Reid and Brittany Williams

Every now and then, you have an experience that inspires faith in the future. I was lucky enough to get the chance to work with Paloma McGregor's current group of fellows in her Dancing While Black Fellowship program, teaching a master class in dance writing.

We met at BAX (Brooklyn Arts Exchange) on a lightly snowy Saturday and shared some creative dance writing, thoughts on the state of the art and its documentation, social justice concerns, tears, warm laughter and some delish Thai food from Park Slope's Song. I could not have wished for better company.

So, thank you to DWB fellows Brittany Williams, Jaimé Dzandu, Katrina Reid, Kesha Cox Mckee and Melanie Greene! And thanks to Paloma and to Marýa Wethers for inviting me to teach, to hold this space and to meet such wonderful women.

DANCING WHILE BLACK is an artist-led initiative that supports the diverse work of Black dance artists by cultivating platforms for process, performance, dialogue and documentation. We bring the voices of black dance artists from the periphery to the center, providing opportunities to self-determine the languages and lenses that define their work.
Learn more about Dancing While Black, 
a project of Angela's Pulsehere.

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