Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Presenting new work by art collaborators Twig and Lux

(photo: Dan Safer)

Readymade sculpture/ installation created last night by Twig and Lux.*

Water bowl, two food bowls with cat food, bear toy,
carrot toy with feathers, shoe lace, Santa hat on placemats.


*We are now assuming this is solely the work of Twig,
with perhaps occasional assistance from Lux.

-- Dan Safer, director/choreographer, Witness Relocation

* * * * *

My review:

Just the right combination of balance and asymmetry. Light and shadow on the wall; the moon-like water bowl. A haiku-like suggestion of season (Santa hat) and the passage of time (half-eaten food) plus samples of metal, wood, fabric and plastic, the real (the inclusion of one of the artists) and the fake (soft toys). It's quite a composition.

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