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Friday, May 6, 2016

Moving past "the feast" with dance artist Tiffany Mills

Mei Yamanaka and Tiffany Mills
in After the Feast
(photo: Julie Lemberger ©2016)

Kyle Marshall and Emily Pope
in After the Feast
(photo: Julie Lemberger @2016)

Hot on the dazzling tail of Ballez, the Tiffany Mills Company lights up this year's bustling La MaMa Moves festival with another must-see production--the world premiere of After the Feast. Marking Mills's fifteenth anniversary season, the hour-long sextet propels the artist and her fellow dancers through a harsh, ruined environment. The past is shattered. Now survival demands guts, transparency, cooperation and--most of all--the will to keep moving.

Mills is joined by Kyle MarshallJordan MorleyKenneth OlguinEmily Pope and Mei Yamanaka, giving all-in performances, deeply committed to the striking physical volatility and human intimacy of the work. Other collaborators include Jonathan Melville Pratt (music), Dennis O'Leary (visual design), Mary Kokie McNaugher (costumes), Chris Hudacs
 (lighting) and Kay Cummings (dramaturgy).

After the Feast runs Thursday, May 12 through Sunday, May 15. Thursday-Saturday performances are at 7pm with a 4pm performance on Sunday. For information and tickets, click here.

La MaMa
at Ellen Stewart Theatre and The Downstairs
66 East 4th Street, 2nd Floor (between 1st and 2nd Avenues), Manhattan

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