Thursday, February 18, 2016

Hooray! We've got another NTMT panel in the works!

Friends, I have a blessed life. Not a perfect life but blessed. And one of the strongest blessings is being almost constantly surrounded by artists and getting to experience and think about their work. It has been a saving grace in times of personal and societal struggle. I have learned so much from artists, and that is one reason I love the opportunity to invite artists to speak at my Not The Master's Tools panels at Gibney Dance Center so that they can share what they know. Last evening's session, our third, was HIGH ENERGY, and I thank Ali Rosa-Salas, Dan Safer, Maria Bauman and Jack Ferver for their forthright and motivating contributions. Thanks also to Craig Thomas Peterson, Margaret Tudor and Nora Alami at Gibney for their welcome and support.

If you haven't yet attended a NTMT panel, know that we already have another one in the works. You will get a lot from listening to these artists.

Save Tuesday, April 5 (6-8pm)!

All of the artists on my wishlist for this panel have said yes, and I can barely wait to bring them to you. So hold April 5, tell your friends and colleagues and watch for the announcement and RSVP link. Thanks!

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