Tuesday, August 11, 2015

American dance criticism: RIP?

The Death of the American Dance Critic
Why are there so few mainstream outlets covering the art form?
by Madison Mainwaring, The Atlantic, August 6, 2015


My comment:

If mainstream dance criticism is dead, the appropriate question is: What's next? Not all dance blogs are ballet-centric or inaccessible in language. Mainwaring could have explored a little further and discovered US dance writing in venues like The Brooklyn Rail and my own blog, InfiniteBody, that continues sensitive observation, documentation, analysis and sharing of meaningful experiences with dance. Dance writing in mainstream media has withered, yes, for all of the reasons that Mainwaring details, but dance writers are still out here, using our knowledge and skills in service to an art we greatly respect and love. We would appreciate your acknowledgement and support.


Christine- editor of The Dance Enthusiast said...

amen Eva!!!!!

How many years has it been since people have been announcing the death of dance criticism? Where is the funeral?
I am too busy writing about dance to go as are other dance writers with other publications.We are taking on new forms and finding new ways to communicate... I don't have time to cry.

MAFBA said...

What would be interesting to investigate is whether funding organizations will accept blog writings or other non-newspaper/magazine articles, as acceptable PR for dance companies applying for funding. How are dance companies supposed to provide adequate PR info if there is no one "official" to cover it? Since anyone can write on their blog, who is to say which writings have merit and which ones don't. Just curious.

Eva Yaa Asantewaa said...

I think that's a reasonable question MAFBA. We are all moving through a new landscape and need new attitudes and tools. Maybe it will take some more years for funders to take a serious look at thesse new venues for dance journalism and for new writers to develop track records and reliability.

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