Friday, April 17, 2015

Time Out New York eliminates dance section. Take action!

I just received this news from a dance community colleague and wanted to quickly share it with you. Take action. Just do it!


I'm writing with some urgent news about the state of dance coverage at Time Out New York -- and to encourage you to take action.

Dance editor Gia Kourlas has resigned. Her last day will be May 1, and the status of her replacement is unknown.
Gia's decision coincides with changes at the magazine that include the elimination of dance as a stand-alone section. Dance, in a much-abbreviated form, has been integrated into a new Theater and Dance section. This week, the magazine does not have a feature profiling a dance artist, and the section has been diminished to one page with just eight listings and no photos.
Write a letter to the magazine telling them how essential dance is to New York City cultural life, and how important -- and trusted -- TONY's coverage of dance has been. If you're a producer, ask the magazine why you should continue to advertise in a publication that doesn't respect dance on par with other art forms. If you're an artist, explain how crucial these features were in building an audience and support for your work.
Send letters ASAP to the following individuals:
Editor-in-Chief Terri White
Deputy Editor Carla Sosenko
Managing Editor Ethan LaCroix
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