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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

On the APAP trail--Tere O'Connor's "Undersweet"

In Undersweet, O’Connor works from the supposition that formalism might result from repressed sexual desire. The work is a choreographic meditation on how this paradox finds expression in dance, or possibly even generates it. -- American Realness
But of course.

And, of course, the Facebook hive mind sort of chimed in today with a listicle of ten reasons that dancers make superior sex partners. It's a good day in America when we wake up to find dancers acknowledged for being good for something.

Anyway, if you think you can cram into the tiny Experimental Theater at Abrons Arts Center--and American Realness fest will make every effort, even illegally from what I observed yesterday, to see that you do--try to see Undersweet. It's a 35-minute duet by Tere O'Connor for Michael Ingle and Silas Riener.

If sexual desire is repressed by formalism, that primal energy is seeping out all over the place in Undersweet, and it is affirmed. How could it not be? Let me repeat: Michael Ingle and Silas Riener. Those two angelically gorgeous men could dance the phone book, and it would be worth all of your time. The courtly framework and flourishes of Undersweet do not so much imprison desire as press grapes for wine.

with lighting by Michael O'Connor and a musical collage by Tere O'Connor from Jean-Baptiste Lully's Atys

Undersweet repeats on tonight at 8:30pm and Wednesday, January 14 at 5:30pm. Click here for information and tickets.

For information on other American Realness festival events at Abrons Arts Center and beyond, click here.

Abrons Arts Center
466 Grand Street, Manhattan

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