Friday, March 21, 2014

Desert immersion: Beth Gill at New York Live Arts

L-r: Heather Lang, Jennifer Lafferty,
Marilyn Maywald and Christiana Axelsen
in Thomas Dunn's hazy sunlight in
New Work for the Desert
(photo by Cherylynn Tsushima)
In New Work for the Desert, dancemaker Beth Gill and her collaborators--composer Jon Moniaci and lighting and set designer, Thomas Dunn--translate the desert regions of the American Southwest to the spare, artificial confines of New York Live Arts's stage.

(photo by Cherylynn Tsushima)
Live imagery and motion (or lack of same) and sound (or lack of same) and gradiations of light mimic a psychic and somatic experience of being there. Pre-dawn silhouettes. Clean, empty space and time stretching out in austere silence. Sound just below conscious awareness and then arriving in hums, reverberations, chimes. Sun-baked noon. Bodies introducing slender lines, linear shapes, constructing balance, holding stillness, drifting in and out of sight, twisting as if to seek out signals from afar.
Kayvon Pourazar and Christiana Axelsen
(photos by Cherylynn Tsushima)
with dancing by Christiana AxelsenJennifer Lafferty, Heather Lang, Marilyn Maywald, Kayvon Pourazar, Stuart Singer

Now through Saturday, each evening at 7:30pm. For ticket information, click here.

Tonight's show will be followed by a conversation, "Under the Influence of Light," with Beth Gill and John Jasperse.

New York Live Arts
219 West 19th Street (between 7th and 8th Avenues), Manhattan

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