Friday, October 4, 2013

State of NYC Dance 2013 report from Dance/NYC

The study you are about to read does more to reveal the activity, economics, and workforce of New York City dance makers than any prior Dance/NYC research. For the first time, it tracks dance trends in the New York State Cultural Data Project (CDP) over time, showing us where the art form has gone and may be headed. By integrating a sample of local dance makers sponsored by Fractured Atlas, it speaks in more inclusive terms about our evolving creative ecology.
Study findings underscore the value of nonprofit groups in the CDP study sample as contributors and ambassadors for our City, with thousands of performances locally and on tour, millions in paid attendance, and $251 million in aggregate expenditures. Findings also demonstrate the industry’s resourcefulness in attracting diverse revenue streams—public, private, and earned—and its efficiency in putting resources to use in making dance, with 83% of dance makers’ expenditures going to programs.
--from the report introduction by Lane Harwell, Executive Director, Dance/NYC

To read the full report or highlights, click the following links:

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