Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Brave the cold tonight: BRINK at Dixon Place

Last night's frigid cold was not enough to keep progressive dance luminaries--from Movement Research, Chocolate Factory and the like--from turning out in support of Kathy Wasik and Stacy Grossfield, both choreographers showing works-in-progress at Dixon Place. These pieces couldn't be more different.

Wasik's low-key Real things, things, and ghost things (whose title might slip over onto Grossfield's dance without doing it much violence) utilizes a nearly bare space and two casually be-jeaned dancers (Wasik and Cara Angela Liguori) colliding in competition over attempts to build a house of cards. (Speaking of which, check this out.) As you might guess, the arc of Real things rises and falls on the two women's often tickling runs at and avoidance of building a personal connection. I most enjoyed watching Wasik's face--big, dark eyes full of potential warmth peering at Liguori, mouth sometimes evenly set, registering faint but detectable amusement, restrained sarcasm or genuine interest. If nothing else, this is a dance that proves that faces--and their gazes--dance.

For Grossfield's Red, Pink, Black, the audience gets displaced from its front-on arrangement--mainly, as far as I could tell, so drummer Anders Griffen could commandeer one of our seats and, also, so we could catch a good view of the theater's balcony. A nightmarish and interestingly childlike drama unfolds--visually and aurally overblown, like a pretend medieval carnival with ratty, makeshift costuming--performed by Grossfield, Nicole Daunic, Rebecca Warner and a hyperactive, amusingly menacing Joey Kipp.

DP's BRINK program, curated by Kim Brandt conclude this evening with a show at 7:30pm. Check in here for complete details and ticketing.

Dixon Place
161-A Chrystie Street (between Delancey and Rivington Streets), Manhattan

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