Friday, March 23, 2012

Jillian Peña: "Dance is the language I speak."

I am a dancer, but I do not dance. Dance is the language I speak. It is inside me and all over me. -- Jillian Peña
She has said YES to transformation and magic and make-believe. She has been inspired by psychoanalysis, queer theory, pop media and spirituality. And next month, the fascinating Jillian Peña--BAX Artist-in-Residence 2011/12--opens her new show, The Guiding Light.
The Guiding Light is a sci-fi religious ballet. It explores religiosity in the balletic body, the desire to believe in something, and the complex relationship of the individual within the group. This work was created alongside the dancers: Cassie Mey, Lea Fulton, Alexandra Albrecht, Evvie Allison, and Andrew Champlin.
We want to believe. -- Jillian Peña
April 27-29
Friday and Saturday, 8pm
Sunday 6pm

Information here
Tickets here

BAX (Brooklyn Arts Exchange)
421 Fifth Avenue (at 8th Street), Park Slope, Brooklyn

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