Saturday, February 4, 2012

Objects in the mirror...

By far, the foxiest, scariest object on hand at Object as Performer, a program of videos and dances curated by Sarah Dahnke, is actually two objects--a needle and thread in the hands of dancers Anna Adams Stark and Emily Skillings in barrish (curation #4). This work-in-progress, choreographed by Sarah A. O. Rosner in development with various pairs of dancers, begins in the lobby at Center for Performance Research while the audience waits to be admitted to CPR's studio.

Since the women's movements are so small, close and intimate, this prelude of sorts serves to shift the crowd's consciousness, taking watchers from the energy of the urban nighttime streets to something quieter, more sensual. But with a distinct edge. After all, we're watching that always-threatening sewing needle, the implication of piercing flesh. We watch the women sew together a patch of each of their lightweight, stretchy shirts, winding the length of thread around that point of connection. Each one them pulls back from this curious suture, making visible lines of force between them as they move, externalizing their interdependence, their balance and imbalance, their support and risk.

This provocative interaction continues and is expanded after the audience enters the studio but, this time, with the sculptural beauty and enhanced implications of full and partial nudity.

Object as Performer--including works by Rebecca Davis, Juri Onuki and Abigail Levine--concludes with this evening's performance at 8pm. For more information, click here.

Be sure to wear warm socks. You will be required to remove your shoes before entering the studio; the temperature is decidedly chilly and the program, long.

Center for Performance Research
361 Manhattan Avenue (between Jackson and Withers Streets), Brooklyn

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