Sunday, December 4, 2011

Provocations, improvisations: A dancer's life in New York

Reflections, doubts, discoveries and gifts of a dancer's life, filtered through the sensibilities of a multi-talented artist. An engrossing, witty, often touching film created by and featuring Jeremy Finch.


Sketchbook (2011) is a short film by Jeremy Finch combining dance and hand-drawn animation.

Benjamin Ford Asriel: Dancer/performer
Mimi Bai: Title sequences and bed animations
Briana Deutsch: Bed animation assistant
Jeremy Finch: Writer/performer/animator/music
Stephanie Fungsang: Dancer/performer and co-collaborator
Noah Hutton: Editing and filming of dance sequences
Shamiso Mtangi: Museum guard voice
Brandin Steffensen: Dancer/performer

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