Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sofian to launch Atelier Orientale series

Anahid Sofian announces the new Atelier Orientale, an innovative quarterly performance series of dance and performing arts of the Middle East.

Sunday June 19, 5-7pm

Anahid Sofian Studio
29 West 15th Street, 6th floor (West of Fifth Avenue), Manhattan

Donation: $20
Reservations: 212-741-2848 or by email 

A meet-the-artists wine reception will follow the performance. 
In this intimate and friendly atmosphere, Anahid Sofian offers artists an opportunity to stretch their talents and appear in works that include traditional, contemporary, works-in-progress, and experimental.
Sofian has long been recongnized as an innovator in the field of Middle Eastern dance, having brought the art to such spaces as the New York Dance Festival at the Delacorte Theater (1978), Carnegie Hall (1980), Lincoln Center (1993), Town Hall (in 1999, 2000 and 2003), and the Cleveland Museum of Art (2003).

Artists selected for the first
Atelier Orientale are:
Azza Amon & Dancers
Jean Musacchio
Mimi Fontana & Dancers
Nadia Maria Michaels
Sira Melikian

Anahid Sofian 
For more information about the Anahid Sofian Studio, click here.

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