Sunday, January 24, 2010

Announcement: playwright group forming

Are you a playwright of color with little or no production experience?

A new weekly or bimonthly playwriting unit of 4-6 writers is forming with the objective of assisting in the development and critique of new work and to collectively explore avenues of production.

Once or twice a month, we will have an in-depth discussion of your script. This group will not only provide the accountability you need to get your first script on paper, but also feedback from other writers on perceived strengths and weaknesses, applications of drama theory, writing ideas and more. Occasionally, we may network with established writers and theater professionals. After a few months, we would like to self-produce a night of readings or a series of small-scale staged productions. We have full-time access to rehearsal loft space in Brooklyn.

We would prefer to work with writers on the more experimental/avant-garde scale. As of now, the group's plays deal heavily on the social and historical dynamics of race and racism but this isn't the only topic that interests us. We welcome writers who take inspiration from the likes of Adrienne Kennedy, Suzan Lori-Parks, George C. Wolfe. We also welcome beginning and established playwrights writing traditionally structured plays like those of August Wilson, James Baldwin and Lorraine Hansberry. You should be queer-friendly but all sexual orientations are welcome and sexuality does not have to be a focus of your writing.

We hope you will join us in helping to build this collective. With dedication and directed energy to each other and to our craft, we can broadcast our voices and ensure each other's success.

If interested, please e-mail Christopher Fields at


TAGsf said...

this posting is a god send. I have started to write a short story because i want to include narrative in my works even though they are dance related. Thanks so much for the posting!

Eva YaaAsantewaa said...

You're quite welcome! I wish you all the best with your project!

TAGsf said...

thank you so very much. Ive already got in contact with them so well see how the ball rolls!

RVCBard said...

Thank you for the buzz! We already got in touch with another writer. Things seem to be moving along.

Eva YaaAsantewaa said...

The power of the Internet!

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