Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Naharin has a few tips for critics

Ohad's Advice to Critics
by Ohad Naharin, 2009 Dance Magazine Awardee

This is a must-read, and I hope my colleagues will give it a look-see, "especially if [they] are from England." :-D

I really do need to "dance [my]self a few minutes every day," but other than that, I'm pretty much checking off these items as done or, at least, reasonably do-able on a regular basis. On the issue of describable dance being bad choreography, he might have a point--but only because choreographic expression and writing feel as if they come from different universes. Most dance, not just good dance, is bitching hard to describe in words. Which is why dance writers get paid the big bucks. (Oh, wait...) Funnily enough, I have sometimes tried the "eyes going out of focus" thing. (I'm a psychic and try all kinds of tricks to sidestep linear thinking.) It's really neat, y'all!

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