Friday, December 21, 2007

"Looking for the perfect beat..." and finding it

Full Circle--those endearing hip-hop dancers, Kwikstep and Rokafella--are showing a new version of their popular Innaviews, directed by Gamal Chasten, at Dance Theater Workshop now through Saturday evening, and the update works. It's a two-person show now with lots more of the full-out dancing for which this married couple is rightly acclaimed. It's partly a wry look at how mainstream media and the entertainment industry get hip-hop all wrong and a tender account of the spark and flight of a love relationship (and working partnership) that's still going strong. It lovingly and deftly traces the history of a couple and a culture undergoing change.

The show engages the audience from its very first moments. Full Circle and their creative team have added new visual elements--clever sets and set-like backdrops, videos and photos--and they have more sharply focused their spoken word segments, stories and comedic vignettes. But they also let their versatile hip-hop dancing do much of the talking, and that dancing speaks with conviction.

For more information and ticketing, click on Dance Theater Workshop. And check out Full Circle's home site here.

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