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Saturday, April 16, 2011

AUDIO PREVIEWS: Marya Warshaw and Levi Gonzalez

L-to-r: Marya Warshaw
with luciana achugar and Michael Mahalchick
(Photo: Angele Jimenez)

 Levi Gonzalez (Photo: Alex Escalante)

Levi Gonzalez (Photo: Alex Escalante)


Founder and Artistic Director Marya Warshaw
talks about Brooklyn Arts Exchange (BAX)
Click (6:20)

Dancer-choreographer Levi Gonzalez
talks about BAX and his new work

Click (5:28)

A Solo Dance by Levi Gonzalez
April 29-May 1
(Friday-Saturday, 8pm and Sunday, 6pm)
In his solo, intimacy,  Levi Gonzalez attempts to bring the practice of making into the moment  of live performance. In constructing material for this work, he  prioritizes instinct over concept, cultivating sensitivity to what  resonates with him on a visceral level. By exploring the idiosyncrasies  of his own interests in movement and performance, he builds a structure  that exposes his own personal relationship to the form. Often framing  the action with language, he establishes a directness with the spectator  that resists metaphor, while still leaving space for the engagement of  the imagination. Ultimately the work examines the intimacy of the  relationship between performer and audience, and how we navigate this  shared experience. The solo is being developed in collaboration with  dramaturg Susan Mar Landau.
More information and ticketing here

Join BAX in celebration of 20 years
of arts and artists in progress!

Thursday, May 5, 7:30pm

Prospect Park Picnic House
Prospect Park West at 5th Street, Brooklyn

hosted by George Emilio Sánchez and Christalyn Wright

performances by

    Famous Accordion Orchestra
    Mike Albo
    Faye Driscoll
    BAXco Youth Dance Company
    (performing choreography by Nami Yamamoto)
    Drew Petersen
    and more...

BAX Arts and Artists in Progress Awards
Awardees have revealed and transformed our creative world. By  instigating and enduring change they have deepened the definition of  their field and paved the way for others.
The PASSING IT ON AWARD creates a complete cycle where a panel of peers  chooses the awardees and the awardees choose someone who demonstrates  some of the same qualities that they, themselves, were chosen for.
awards presented by Marya Warshaw, Founder and Executive Director, BAX

artist award: Gus Solomons jr, choreographer and co-founder, PARADIGM passing it on to Malcolm Jason Low

arts educator award: Terry Greiss, Co-Founder and Executive Director, Irondale Ensemble Project passing it on to Leese Walker

arts manager award: Leslie Strongwater, Associate Artistic Director, Dixon Place passing it on to Andy Horwitz

honorary award: Long-standing theater/dance partnership between the Brooklyn New School (BNS) and BAX, with José Joaquín García as lead teaching artist

All program, directions and ticket information online here

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