Friday, November 23, 2012

Reboot with Witness Relocation's Summer Bootcamp

for pre-professional and professional artists

June 10-22, 2013
A two week intensive dance/ theater workshop conducted in a newly renovated dance studio and the surrounding environs of a 23-acre former horse farm in the picturesque northeast Catskill Mountains.
    Create dynamic, genre-defying dance and theater.
    Learn techniques that focus on what is happening in the room, building material from what is on hand and spiraling out from there into surprising and endlessly inventive territory.
    Explore task based, problem solving methods that eliminate the pressure to “be creative” and simply allow you to work and make discoveries.
    Make sure what you do is continuously fun and exciting, as well as a little scary.
    For pre-professional and professional artists.

For complete details, including application information, click here.

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